Sudoku lovers have a new way to play their favourite game on the go. Sudoku for PSP minis is a very polished version of the popular puzzle game which will likely draw you into its peaceful atmosphere. The game also innovates by allowing users to create, edit or solve any Sudoku puzzle using the convenience of a digital platform.

Unlike most handheld versions released in recent years which make use of touch controls, Sudoku for PSP minis manages to get by without feeling awkward. Players simply use the d-pad and face buttons to select spaces on the Sudoku board and the numbers they want to insert, for a straightforward game play experience.

Sudoku for PSP minis offers three difficulty settings that are unlocked from the start. Sudoku Points are awarded after each completed puzzle and added up to unlock two tougher game modes.

Very Hard mode gets unlocked after collecting 300 Sudoku Points and the Insane difficulty at 600 Sudoku Points. The greater the difficulty of the puzzle selected, the greater its starting Sudoku Points value. Using hints will diminish your final score. The game does not score you on the amount of time it takes to solve a puzzle.

The game offers a hint system and other typical aides such as auto-fill and auto-check options, the ability to pencil in potential solutions using annotations and the option to highlight every occurrence of a specific number across the board.

What really sets Sudoku for PSP minis apart from any other Sudoku titles I have played in the past is Newspaper mode. Through this mode, you are free to play any of your favourite puzzles from books or newspapers by entering them into an empty grid and solving it with the game‘s engine instead of a pen. The mode can also be used to solve any puzzle automatically by entering a minimum number of cells.

Clean and attractive graphics create a perfect Sudoku playing environment. Accompanied by a nine-song traditional oriental soundtrack, the game absorbed me in no time. Sudoku for PSP minis is an enjoyable title. It does everything the a digital version of puzzle game should and more, for a thoroughly pleasant experience. I would recommend it without hesitation to any Sudoku fan looking for a solid version to play on the PSP and PSP Go.


+ Relaxed Atmosphere
+ Pleasant Music
+ Newspaper Mode


– Limited Wallpaper/Background Options