Enabling Devices Makes Guitar Hero More Accessible

Enabling Devices Makes Guitar Hero More Accessible

Enabling Devices Makes Guitar Hero More Accessible 150 150 GAMESFWD

In time for the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in late September 2010, individuals living with a physical disability can now play along more easily thanks to Enabling Devices’ recently released adapted Guitar Hero controller.

The controller takes the form of a tabletop control centre which allows users to play the game’s five coloured buttons in sync with the musical notes. The buttons are large and easy to press, either with a finger or using a mouth stick. The company also points out that the game’s easy beginner level allows users to hit any coloured button, going to the beat of the music without having to follow a specific pattern.

“Now there is no need to strum a guitar to join in on the fun,” explained Gail Cocciardi, Director of Product Development for Enabling Devices, which specializes in developing affordable learning and assistive technology devices to help people of all ages. “What makes it even more exciting is that the user can play at different levels of difficulty from beginner to expert – all with our tabletop controller.”

The bundle comes complete with a traditional Les Paul controller—so other friends can join in—copies of Guitar Hero: World Tour (with beginner level) and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the PlayStation 3, as well as the tabletop control centre which is also compatible with PS2 consoles and games. The entire package is priced at $249.95 USD.

“One of the goals of our company is to adapt bestselling games and toys so that people with disabilities can enjoy them along with their family and friends, said (PDF) Dr. Steven Kanor, President of the company. “We are thrilled that we have been able to adapt the electronics of Guitar Hero and create an easy to use tabletop control center.”

A video demonstration of Enabling Devices’ adapted Guitar Hero controller can be seen here.

Editorial Note: When Sony issued the 3.50 firmware for the PlayStation 3, they disabled the use of many USB peripherals in an attempt to curb the use of counterfeit controllers and correct a major security flaw. Game Forward has confirmed with Enabling Devices that the adapted Guitar Hero controller does still work on PlayStation 3 consoles because it is modified from an officially licensed controller