About Reviews at Game Forward

The Game Forward Logo. All Rights Reserved.Here at Game Forward (gamefwd), we utilize a simple five point scoring system. Software and hardware that we award a perfect 5/5 are products that we feel move their respective genre forward or represent the highest level of quality. Factors that we consider the most important are value, innovation and technical achievement. Accessibility for individuals of all physical and mental ability is also very important to us.

A product that receives a 1/5 score is one that we consider a waste of our time and money. While rare, these products are generally broken, grossly overpriced or stagnant to the point of regressing their genre. A game or peripheral that receives an average 3/5 score is one we would recommend to a fan of the genre, but not necessarily to everyone. It is our sincere wish that people read our reviews in their entirety and not just search for a somewhat arbitrary score at the bottom. Read More…

We attempt to review a wide variety of software on every platform available to us. Game Forward focuses primarily on downloadable games, though from time to time we will review traditional retail offerings as well. We also make an attempt to emphasize reviews of games with educational value, those that promote physical fitness and titles that don’t receive a lot of mainstream attention.

Quick reviews are summaries of 350 words or less followed by a list of up to ten positive and ten negative traits. They are scored on the same scale as regular reviews and we take all of the same factors into consideration. In quick reviews we will  note how much of a game we played where applicable, while with a regular review, we have played the game to completion and tested every mode available to us.

Nine times out of ten, the games or peripherals we review are purchased with our own money. Game Forward is a completely independent publication operated by a couple who is passionate about video games and want value for their dollar. We do not actively seek promotional or “review” copies from publishers, though on occasion we accept review solicitations from publishers, particularly on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

If you enjoy reading reviews at Game Forward and you find them helpful, you can help us offset our costs by clicking on one of the ads on the website when you visit.  If you are inclined to make a purchase after reading a review, we encourage you to use the affiliate links located at the bottom of each review.