Road Fighter Quick Review

Road Fighter Game Room LogoThis 1984 top-down road racing game from Konami provides a surprisingly intense experience thanks to smooth performance and tight controls. Players attempt to navigate six levels at breakneck speeds while managing fuel levels and passing other cars in order to climb the rankings.

Road Fighter uses a rather unique gear and boost system. One button is used to accelerate and when you reach top speed, you can hold another to shift gears and eventually double your speed. Pressing the gear/boost button too early will act as a brake and slow you down significantly. Read More…

Road Fighter was a Fast Racer for Its TimeHitting other cars or obstacles like oil slicks will cause you to skid out of control and lose speed. Running into tanker trucks or the sides of the road will cause you to crash.

Each level has four fuel trucks to run over and collect that are essential to completing the game. The fuel trucks appear in the same location each time you race, so pattern memorization is a useful skill to have.

The bonus you receive for fuel trucks grows if you are able to avoid crashing. Bonus items like jets, trains and a fellow named Konami Man will race across the screen from time to time and will award points for clean driving.

The graphics and sound are average for the time Road Fighter was released. Car sounds are meaty and the sound of passing traffic is convincing. The game runs flawlessly and controls well with either the analog stick or d-pad.

As a racing fan, I found Road Fighter a satisfying, if not brutally difficult game whose high speed thrills are echoed in more modern titles like OutRun and Burnout.


+ Fast-Paced Racing for the Era
+ Smooth 60fps Performance
+ Precise Controls
+ Good Audio


- Track Design is Bland
- Next to Impossible to Finish

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Game Forward Score: 4/5

Brian J. Papineau > Game Forward


Road Fighter (Xbox LIVE Game Room) Quick Facts:

Genre: Racing
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: Mar 24, 2010 (1984 in Arcades)
Price: 240 Microsoft Points
ESRB Rating: E10 (Everyone 10+)