Astrosmash Quick Review

Astrosmah Game Room LogoThis standout game pushed the Intellivision to the limit and almost 30 years after its release, Astrosmash delivers an addictive and oddly relaxing shooting experience. You control a ship tasked with destroying incoming meteors, homing missiles, flying saucers and bombs armed with a single cannon and the ability to warp around the screen using a hyperspace command.

The action in Astrosmash takes place on a single screen on which you can move your ship left and right. You can set the game to auto-fire mode or control your cannon manually to fire off rapid bursts. Points are scored by destroying falling objects and detracted if objects hit the ground. Read More…

Astrosmash ScreenshotObjects of different size will appear as you progress through the game. Larger meteors will split in two, while deadly spinner bombs will become smaller and faster. Smaller objects are worth more points and their value is multiplied by the number of the stage you are on.

For every 1000 points scored, a ship is added to your reserve. A player who masters both shooting and the defensive hyperspace technique can bank a veritable armada and last upwards of an hour or more in a single play session.

Archaic and crude by today’s standards, the graphics in Astrosmash were quite advanced for a home console in 1981. Objects are crisp and easy to distinguish, even as the colour palette is swapped to signify changing levels. Graphics flicker will appear later in the game as the screen fills with objects. There are several distinct sounds to warn you of incoming homing missles, flying saucers and spinner bombs.

Despite extreme simplicity, Astrosmash can be a genuinely addictive game that I can play for hours on end. It creates an almost calm, trance-like experience despite a high level of on-screen chaos.


+ Addictive Gameplay can Create Long Play Sessions
+ Auto-Fire Option
+ Audio Cues Warn of Danger


- Graphics Flicker and Slowdown
- No Music
- Ship can Feel Clunky as the Game gets Faster

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Game Forward Score: 3/5

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Astrosmash (Xbox LIVE Game Room) Quick Facts:

Genre: Shooter
Developer: John Sohl / Intellivision Productions, Inc.
Publisher: Intellivision Productions, Inc.
Release Date: Mar 24, 2010 (1981 on the Intellivision)
Price: 240 Microsoft Points
ESRB Rating: E10 (Everyone 10+)