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Triple Shot Sports WiiWare LogoWiiWare certainly has no shortage of shooting gallery games. While these can be a fun distraction for a few minutes, they are often very simplistic. Veteran development house The Code Monkeys brings some realism to the Nintendo download service with Triple Shot Sports; an Olympic-style simulation of three archery, pistol and rifle shooting events that we first reviewed on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform in 2009.

Triple Shot Sports became an inherently better game during its transition to WiiWare, thanks in large part to the addition of pointer controls. The game also features updated graphics and a hot seat multiplayer mode. Read More…

As the title suggests, Triple Shot Sports allows you to compete in three distinct target shooting events; Archery, Rapid Fire Pistol and Running Target. All three events are controlled in a similar way using the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuck setup.

Even at the Rookie difficulty level, Triple Shot Sports requires a steady hand and nerves of steel to succeed. The pointer sensitivity in this game is extremely high, so any slight twitch can spell disaster in all three events, especially at Pro and Advanced levels.

Triple Shot Sports Features a Detailed StadiumArchery gives you 90 seconds to fire three arrows at your target per round and your score is totalled over five rounds. Here, you shake your Nunchuck to remove an arrow from your quiver and again to draw your bow. When the round starts, you hold both the A and B buttons on the Wii Remote to begin aiming.

Getting your arrows to strike in near the middle of the target will require you to read the wind direction and strength, as well as manage an on-screen stamina meter. When you are ready to shoot, you simply release the A and B buttons.

Rapid Fire Pistol lasts for eight rounds of eight seconds and sees you attempting to score points on a series of five targets. You must wait for the signal to raise your pistol and you must get it down before the timer runs out or that round will be scored as a foul, earning you zero points.

Pressing the A button will raise your pistol and the B button is instinctively used to fire. Pressing right on the control stick of your Nunchuck will move you on to the next target. Releasing the A button will then lower your weapon.

Running Target is a distance shooting event in which you take aim at a target that moves back and forth across a mechanical box. The event consists of two rounds during which the target will pass ten times. The target moves much faster in the second round than the first.

Because of distance and the zoomed-in view of your rifle scope, aiming in Running Target is even more sensitive than in the other two events. You can press the A button before taking a shot to briefly steady your aim before pressing B to fire. You must reload your rifle after every shot, which is accomplished by holding the Z button and shaking your Nunchuck.

Getting Ready for Running TargetThough Triple Shot Sports does a great job of instructing you how to play using static tutorial screens, it does not explain the subtle rules of each event, such as needing to lower your pistol before the timer expires in Rapid Fire Pistol or how many times the target will pass in Running Target. Players are largely left to figure out event rules on their own, which can be frustrating.

Once you learn the rules and mechanics of each event, Triple Shot Sports starts to become much more enjoyable. At first I was coming in last place in every event I competed in on the Rookie level, but after a few hours I was winning events on Pro level which provided a great sense of satisfaction.

All three events take place in a richly detailed Olympic-style stadium complete with large crowds, officials and camera operators. Triple Shot Sports runs in a fully realized 3-D engine and looks about average for a WiiWare title. My only knock against the graphical presentation of the game is a lack of character customization. In the single-player events, you are always competing for the united States, however players can choose from a number of countries in the newly added hot seat multiplayer mode.

This mode allows two players to take turns and compete against each other in the three events. A Tournament mode that tallied scores across all three events in the iPhone/iPod Touch version is conspicuously absent here, though I suspect most players will want to concentrate on perfecting the events individually anyways.

The sound design in Triple Shot Sports fares well. It features an upbeat, Olympic-style theme song and great atmospheric sound in the stadium. My favourite part of the sound design is having crowd sounds that react to your performance. It’s a nice touch that helps you feel more into the game.  

People looking for a little depth and a lot of challenge in their WiiWare target shooting games or fans of real-life archery and shooting sports would get the most out of Triple Shot Sports. However, as someone who has little interest in the sports or this particular genre of video game, I still found myself having fun and going back to try and beat my personal best scores in the events.


+ Realistic Competitive Shooting Experience
+ Precise Pointer Controls
+ Good Sound Design


- Not Optimized for Wii Zapper
- No Detailed Tutorial for Event Rules

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Game Forward score: 3/5

Brian J. Papineau > Game Forward


Triple Shot Sports (WiiWare) Quick Facts:

Genre: Sports / Shooting
Developer: The Code Monkeys Ltd.
Publisher: The Code Monkeys Ltd.
Release Date: March 15, 2010
Price: 500 Nintendo Points ($5)
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)