Monster Flip Review

Monster Flip Title ScreenMonster Flip from Launching Pad Games is a match three style puzzle game that utilizes an original mechanic and charming presentation to draw you in and create an addictive experience that is perfect for short gaming sessions.

In Monster Flip, you are presented with a field filled with four types of monster blocks that each have a distinct look, colour and personality. You score points by sliding your finger in horizontal or vertical lines and matching groups of three or more monster blocks. Read More...

You can also match multiple groups of monsters at once to create high scoring combos and sometimes monster blocks falling in from the top of the screen will create chains. The caveat is that occasionally monsters will become mad and you must match them within six moves before they explode and cause your game to end.

Create Combos and Chains for High ScoresCreate Combos and Chains for High ScoresThis danger is most prevalent in the Classic mode of Monster Flip; a potentially endless mode in which success is based on your score alone. Puzzle mode awards you up to three stars based on how quickly and in how few moves you can solve each of the game's 80 puzzle islands in.

Countdown is a two minute score attack mode that tests your combo making and chain starting prowess. Sequence mode has a preset monster layout and gives you 50 moves to get the highest score possible.

The presentation of Monster Flip is a real highlight. The monster blocks are adorable and the effects for creating chains and combos pop off of the screen. The music brings to mind a combination of a children's show and weather highlights.

Under a menu called "Flipzopedia", there is a cute little story that explains the origins of each monster, how they ended up on earth and their relationship with humans. The Flipzopedia is entirely optional, but definitely worth checking out.

Monster Flip incorporates Game Center with leaderboards for Classic, Sequence and Countdown modes as well as 32 achievements.

Though the game is essentially colour-based, the distinct monster block designs ensure that colourblind gamers can play without difficulty. There are also clear audio-visual clues that warn you of monsters becoming mad and when they are about to blow. Because of these traits and the fact that Monster Flip is controlled entirely with one finger, it is a very accessibility-friendly title.

Monster Flip hits all the right notes for a puzzle game on iOS and it belongs on the device of every fan of the genre. It has familiar gameplay with an original twist, a top-notch presentation and a wealth of content wrapped up in a $0.99 package.


+ Great Presentation
+ Original Take on Match Three Mechanics
+ Very Accessible



- Classic Mode Takes a While to Get Going


Game Forward Score: 5/5

Brian J. Papineau > Game Forward


Monster Flip (iOS) Quick Facts:

Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: PikPok
Release Date: April 11, 2012 (v1.1)
Price: $0.99
iTunes Rating: 4+