Aeropack Review

Aerpack Title ScreenIn this challenging puzzle platformer players embody a scientist exploring the Moon and collecting gems while attempting to avoid aliens and obstacles. Bogged down by a series of problems including cumbersome controls and glitchy animations, Aeropack has promise, but leaves much to be desired.

Aeropack is made up of 30 levels, which are unlocked as you complete them. To move your character, you’ll shift your left thumb to the left or right on a the directional dial, or down to slide along ladders. Pressing a red button with your right thumb will fire your Aeropack or make you climb ladders. Unfortunately, twitchy and awkward controls make it hard to manoeuvre. You will also find your thumb easily slipping off the dial. Read More...

Aeropack Sports a Simple but Detailed LookThe collision detection is also very sensitive which can cause a lot of frustration. Coming within a millimetre of an enemy, whether you think you touched it or not, will mean instant death and having to restart a level from scratch. Having some kind of life meter could have been very beneficial, giving players a couple of chances before having to start over. Alternatively, having the ability to kill enemies or jump over them could also have helped.

In this brutally difficult game, another challenge comes from the restrictive timing of each level. For example, your Aeropack fuel supply will drop very quickly requiring you to use fuel very sparingly. Players must also plan fuel pick ups strategically, these tanks being few and far between. Failure to effectively manage your fuel will leave you dry and stranded before reaching the end of the level.

To be successful in Aeropack, trial and error and pattern memorization are essential. Players looking for a more casual experience will be wishing for checkpoints.

The graphics, though a bit small for my taste, are intricate and detailed. There is also a great variety of enemies, each with a unique look and animation. However, with no scoring, whether point, life or time-based, Aeropack feels incomplete.

The main glitches I encountered included enemies getting stuck in walls and my avatar itself getting stuck in ceilings. Even after running out of fuel, my avatar remained stuck, forcing me to restart the game. Frame skipping issues while playing the game on the iPod Touch v.2 and very long load times are also hard to forgive.

Despite its control and performance issues, and a few basic gameplay deficiencies, Aeropack still has potential. Those who seek a more traditional puzzle platformer and a solid challenge might find here a perfect fit, but more casual players will likely be put off by the game’s high difficulty level. However, potential updates might resolve some of the issues mentioned here and provide a better rounded gaming experience.


+ 30 Levels
+ Very Challenging
+ Detailed Graphics


- Awkward Controls
- Unforgiving Collision Detection
- No Scoring of Any Kind
- Glitchy

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Game Forward Score: 2/5

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Aeropack (iPhone/iPod Touch) Quick Facts:

Genre: Platformer
Developer: Insurgent Games
Publisher: Insurgent Games
Release Date: February 17, 2010 (v1.0)
Price: $2.99
iTunes Rating: 9+