teh internets: When Memes Attack Review

teh internets: Whene Memes Attack Title ScreenThe third effort from Insurgent Games is a novel time waster that sees you dodging trolls, viruses and pop-up ads while trying to rescue lolcats and lollerskaters in your roflcopter and trying not to commit epic fail. Best played in short bursts, teh internets: When Memes Attack features achievements and leaderboards through OpenFeint integration.

When you boot this game you are greeted by the dramatic groundhog, who walks you through a quick tutorial. You control your roflcopter by using a small d-pad area in the bottom left of your iPhone/iPod Touch screen and you can fire cheeseburgers at trolls by tapping on them. Read More…

teh internets: When Memes Attack plays like a side-scrolling shooter, however your main task is collecting lolcats - complete with funny quotes - and avoiding nasty firewalls, viruses, pop-up ads and increasingly aggressive trolls. If you happen to run into an obstacle, you commit fail. Commit too much fail and you will be greeted with a mock blue screen of death as your game over screen.

The game starts out relatively mild, but as you waste more time with it, more elements appear on the screen at the same time and the game will speed up. Though teh internets: When Memes Attack sessions rarely last more than five or ten minutes, the game keeps a running total of how much time you have wasted so every time you start a new session it feels like you are picking up where you left off. It’s a simple touch, but one that keeps the game from becoming stale.

Screenshot from teh internets: When Memes AttackAnother thing that kept me playing is a lengthy list of over 20 achievements that are integrated through the increasingly popular OpenFeint service. The achievements have appropriately-themed names like RTFM, don’t taze me, bro and over 9000!!!.

Points are accumulated by successfully avoiding obstacles, collecting lolcats and lollerskaters and by destroying trolls with cheeseburgers.  The integrated leaderboard system keeps track of all of your statistics locally and allows you to compare them with other users.

Much like the game itself, teh internets: When Memes Attack has a simple look to it. Your roflcopter and the lollerskaters look as though they were drawn in Q Basic and you are flying past a digitized map of the earth covered in binary code.  

The game features the ability to listen to your device’s music library as you play and though the sound effects can be a little grating, they are perfectly appropriate. An old school modem handshake is a nice touch that greets you when you start a session.

My only major complaint about teh internets: When Memes Attack is a lack of control options. I found the virtual d-pad to be a bit small and there is no option to swap it to the right side of the screen or to use tilt controls.

I was a bit dumbfounded by the simplicity of this game at first, but it quickly grew on me and became my go to game when I was itching to play something for a few minutes while waiting or before bed. If teh internets: When Memes Attack had more depth to it, the game would undoubtedly lose  some of its appeal as a time waster and slice of Internet absurdity.


+ Theme Will Appeal to Heavy Internet Users
+ Integrated Achievements and Leaderboards
+ Simple, High Score-Based Gameplay


- No Control Customization Options

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Game Forward Score: 3/5

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teh internets: When Memes Attack (iPhone/iPod Touch) Quick Facts:

Genre: Action
Developer: Insurgent Games
Publisher: Insurgent Games
Release Date: November 24, 2009 (v1.00)
Price: $1.99
iTunes Rating: 9+