PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment Review

PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter AttachmentThe PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment is one of the most immersive, advanced and realistic video game gun peripherals ever to hit the market. However, it does have some ergonomic quirks and a rather high cost of entry.

To use the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment, you need a PlayStation Move Motion Controller, a PlayStation Move Navigation Controller and a PlayStation Eye, meaning before you even have a game to play, you must invest about $160 including the cost of the gun itself. Read More...

Assembling the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment is quite easy. The PlayStation Move Motion Controller is housed on the top under a locking snap mechanism and makes use of the output port of the controller. The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller rests in the bottom handle.

Once assembled, the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment is about 21 inches long. With its telescoping stock extended it grows to about 25 inches. The assembled unit weighs in at about three pounds.

This Peripheral Has no Shortage of Input OptionsThe PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment has a veritable arsenal of inputs. The spring-loaded trigger is very smooth and responsive and is accompanied by a three setting rate of fire switch. Under that is a Move button which is generally mapped to an alternate fire or grenade input. The Move button has a “safety” lock mechanism to prevent unwanted firing.

Above the trigger on either side of the gun are triangle and square buttons that are generally mapped to weapon switching or secondary actions.

The handle that the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller is in has a shotgun-style pump action for reloading and there is even a button on the bottom of the gun that simulates snapping a clip of ammunition into place.

My issue is that the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller is in an unnatural-feeling location. Utilizing the analog stick, d-pad, two face buttons and two triggers effectively can be awkward and challenging. Putting the controller in a more vertical position or allowing it to twist from side to side would have made it more comfortable to operate.

If you can stomach the cost of entry, you’ll find what is arguably the best home console gun peripheral ever in the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment. However, with a currently limited compatible software selection of less than half a dozen titles, it’s very hard to recommend people who don’t already have the required hardware.


+ Provides an Immersive and Realistic Shooting Experience
+ Lots of Well-Built Input Options
+ Ambidextrous Design


- Start Up Cost is $160 without a Game
- PlayStation Move Navigation Controller Placement can be Awkward to Use

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Game Forward Score: 3/5

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PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment (PlayStation 3) Quick Facts:

Genre: Hardware / Peripheral
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Price: $39.99
ESRB Rating: N/A