PlayStation Move Navigation Controller Review

PlayStation Move Motion Control SystemThe PlayStation Move Navigation Controller provides a traditional control option for select Move-enabled titles. This optional peripheral features a large compliment of inputs and a good-sized form factor that rests comfortably even in larger hands. 

The controller does not have any motion functionality, but instead focuses on delivering quality traditional input. It houses an analog stick, directional pad, a trigger, a bumper, two face buttons—cross and circle—and a PlayStation button. It does not have start or select buttons, meaning it cannot be used as a stand-alone controller in most cases. Read More…

PlayStation Move Navigation ControllerThe analog stick is very similar to that of the DualShock 3 controller, however it is noticeably smaller and sunken to give its gait a shorter feel. The directional pad is also sunken to make it concave and easy for your thumb to recognise.

The two face buttons are quite small, roughly 40% of those on a standard controller. The trigger and bumper on the PlayStation Move Navigation are about the same size as on a DualShock 3, but here the trigger was made concave instead of convex.

A nice weight and solid build quality contribute to the comfort of the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller. Above all else, it feels extremely natural to hold and utilize, which is surprising given the relative complexity of the device.

The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller is entirely optional and at this time any software that requires its functionality can be played with a standard controller in its place. As more traditional titles make their way to PlayStation Move however, more gamers will undoubtedly consider it a necessity.


+ Solid Build Quality and Weight
+ Lithium-Ion Recharges via USB
+ Good Size and Shape, Not too Small or Awkward


- No Motion or Vibration Functionality
- Analog Stick Feels a bit Small

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Game Forward Score: 4/5

Brian J. Papineau > Game Forward


PlayStation Move Navigation Controller (PlayStation 3) Quick Facts:

Genre: Hardware / Peripheral
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: September 17, 2010
Price: $29.99
ESRB Ratng: N/A