Classic Controller Pro Review

The White Classic Controller ProThe Classic Controller Pro is one of the best traditional controllers Nintendo has ever produced. It features a number of improvements over the original Classic Controller, including a more natural trigger placement and ergonomic hand grips. 

The controller also features a modified analog stick placement and has had its cord moved to the top of the controller for a more traditional feel. Its biggest drawback is a lack of rumble functionality and a glossy finish attracts fingerprints, especially on the black model. Read More…

Ever since I picked up the original Classic Controller when the Wii launched, my main complaints have been that the analog sticks were too close together, the trigger system was all wrong and that it was simply uncomfortable to hold for long periods. Nintendo addressed every one of these problems with the release of the Classic Controller Pro.

The needlessly analog triggers and springy Z buttons have been replaced with digital buttons that are in a familiar layout and provide an nice firm click when you press them.

The Black Classic Controller ProThe analog sticks are approximately one inch farther apart than on the original classic controller. This extra distance provides ample room to manoeuvre and helps prevent painfully jamming your thumbs together.

The d-pad and face button mechanisms on the classic controller pro are identical to that of the original controller, as it is the physical layout of those components.

The form factor has gone from thin and flat to a much more ergonomic one thanks to the addition of hand grips that are similar in size to those on the GameCube controller. The Classic Controller Pro is slightly bigger than both the DualShock 3 and the Xbox 360 controller, though it is far lighter than both.

This is mostly because it lacks internal hardware to provide a rumble functionality in Nintendo 64 and Wii titles. Though not absolutely necessary, it would have been a nice bonus and added some weight.

The only other complaint I have about the revised Classic Controller Pro is that the glossy finish on the face of the controller always looks dirty because in the tracks fingerprints, especially on the black model. The back of the controller features a nice “grippy” matte finish that provides solid grip.

If I had to compare the form and weight classic controller pro directly to another one, it would be the Logitech Dual Action PC controller that was popular during the PlayStation 2 era.

I would love to see a Classic Controller Pro “deluxe” model that included not only rumble functionality, but tilt and infrared functionality as well. A controller of this type could be used for games that require the Wii Remote to be held sideways, something that can be difficult for many gamers with physical disabilities.


+ New Form Factor is Easier to Hold
+ Analog Stick Placement Allows Greater Movement
+ Four Button Trigger System Feels Familiar


- No Rumble Functionality
- Extremely Light

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Game Forward Score: 4/5

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Classic Controller Pro (Wii) Quick Facts:

Genre: Peripheral
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: April 20, 2010
Price: $19.99 US / $24.99 CAN
ESRB Rating: N/A