About Working with Game Forward

Computer KeyboardGame Forward is looking for volunteer writers. We are an independent, family-run website based in Ottawa, Canada that focuses on Serious Games, Health & Fitness Games, Educational Games, Game Accessibility and Virtual Worlds. For a better understanding, please read a bit more about our website, our editor and our lead writer.

We are looking for people to write hardware and software reviews, cover industry events in their area or blog as part of our team. We cannot offer pay at this time, however Game Forward can expose your work to thousands of unique readers every month and may provide you with software for review free-of-charge. Read More...

Though we would be most interested in taking on full or part-time writers, we may be willing to publish one-off articles or opinion pieces related to the subjects we cover as well. If you or someone you know is interested in working with Game Forward, please send a detailed e-mail to apply[at]gamefwd[dot]org. As we expand in, we may also require help in other areas and would encourage you to contact us if you are interested in the subjects we cover. Please allow one to two weeks for a response.