Virtual and Augmented Reality

University to Offer Course Within Second Life

Manchester Metropolitan University LogoManchester Metropolitan University will begin offering a virtual course through the platform of Second Life in September of 2009. Online classes are frequently utilized by universities to assist distance learners using webcams and chatrooms, but the Film and Media course at MMU will be offered almost entirely in the virtual environment developed by Linden Labs.

The content of the course lends itself to Second Life, says Paul Booth, a lecturer at MMU. "The Media Collaboration syllabus is designed to be contained within the virtual world; all exercises use a combination of real world skills and in-world production and distribution." However, the class will meet twice in "real life." Read More...

MMU called upon Corporation Pop to develop the environment and tools required to present the course. Self-described as "sometimes provocative, often through provoking, always successful," Corporation Pop specializes in unique, made-to-order Second Life products.

"We chose Corporation Pop as our development partner because of their personal approach and willingness to collaborate with us at every stage," reported Professor Linda A. Macaulay from the Manchester Business School. "They worked with us to brainstorm ideas, prototype designs and ultimately to demonstrate the [Second Life] site to senior staff."

Second Life is the leading virtual world reaching over 1.5 billion square meters last year. In the fourth quarter of 2008 a simultaneous user maximum of 76,000 and 112 million user hours were logged.  More information on integrating Second Life and education can be found here.