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Business Leaders Get Their Game On to Improve Skills

BTS Global Tournament LogoBusiness managers from across the world have been taking part in a new training and skill-honing solution. Known as BTS Tournaments, these serious gaming competitions have companies facing off against each other in small teams of business managers, simulating the operation a multinational company over four fiscal years.

Based on the concept of virtual simulation, the competition was developed by Swedish compamy BTS and their subsidiary, Finland-based Business Game Factory. It was previously mostly attended by European companies, but American business managers will soon have the chance to take part in the competition. The American segment of the competition is scheduled to start in April 2009. Read More...

"BTS Tournaments is truly a unique offering in the e-learning/virtual learning space. We have been successfully offering this in Europe and other parts of the world for several years. Our upgraded platform and new tournament portal will make this a valued offering by our clients and companies seeking high impact, cost effective learning in a tough economy" said Rommin Adl, Executive Vice-President of BTS USA Inc., based in Stamford, Connecticut.

“Our new tournament portfolio is built based on excitement and engaging learning with a variety of customization options. We believe the competitive nature of our concept will be received with great enthusiasm in the US market,” said Taavi Thiel, Senior Vice-President of BTS and recent president, Business Game Factory.

According to its organizers, the tournaments provide a cost-effective way for managers to apply business skills. By participating in the tournament players get the chance to strengthen their business acumen skills, develop their fact-based decision making abilities and improve the way with which they execute solutions.

"Throughout its 12-year history, BGF has served more than 30,000 participants in 65 countries, including teams from Accenture, Ericsson and Nokia. Participants give the experience extremely positive reviews," added Adl.

Participating in the tournaments creates a unique opportunity for staff to act in a top management role of a major corporation. Just like in the real business world, competition for market share is fierce and decisions must be made quickly, but based on facts and thorough analysis.

"Many now in the workplace have been raised on simulation gaming -- to take that platform into the global marketplace to train and strengthen distributed work forces makes sense," said Lisa Mercurio, Director of the Fairfield County Information Exchange at The Business Council of Fairfield County. "Competition can be a great teacher, particularly in challenging economic times."

"Participating in the business game gave us an opportunity to see how well we worked as a team, taking advantage of the different contributions and perspectives provided by each individual,” said David Spong, Director Finance and Administration at Ericsson, Saudi Arabia. “There were two primary areas where we felt we improved during the game: we became better at teamwork and improved our understanding of the big picture. It was also interesting to be able to analyze the market dynamics.”

The tournaments generally last eight weeks and include four to 10 teams of three to five participants each, either collocated or virtually connected. The 2008 BTS Business Tournament World Final was won by Team LOGICART of the DB Schenker company, a globally integrated logistics service provider based in Poland.