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Serious Play Conference Kicks Off Second Year

Serious Play Conference LogoThe second annual Serious Play Conference runs from August 21-23, 2012 at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. This year's conference will feature over 50 speakers, discussing topics related to Games in Education, Training Software, Virtual Worlds, Gamification and more.

Plenary sessions at the 2012 Serious Play Conference include the topics "The Future of Sims and Games in Large Organizations" and "Measuring Game Effectiveness". The conference will also tackle the relevance of game-based learning and reveal the results of a study assessing the impact and future of serious games. Read More...

Speakers at the 2012 Serious Play Conference will include Phaedra Boinodiris of IBM, who will host a session entitled "Evolving Serious Games beyond Training" and David Metcalf from the University of Central Florida, who will host "Mobile Games and Simulations for Health".

Other highlights include: Paul Thurkettle of NATO hosting "Serious Games and the Smart Defense Initiative", a session featuring Patrick Shepherd of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics entitled "No Budget, Low Tech, High Impact Alternate Reality Games" and a panel called "What is the Future of Serious Games?" that includes Jim Lunsford from Decisive-Point, Ross Smith of Microsoft, and Jason Tester from Institute for the Future.

Attendees Take Notes at the 2011 Serious Play ConferenceAttendees Take Notes at the 2011 ConferenceThe results of a study from the Serious Games Association regarding the impact and future of non-entertainment games will also be revealed and discussed during the conference. The study, headed by analyst Michael Cai of Interpret, LLC will examine the overall landscape of the serious games industry, the market opportunity in various sectors, growth segments, the challenges facing each market and how the industry is currently addressing measurement and effectiveness.

A special focus on game-based learning will be prevalent at the 2012 Serious Play Conference. "If you want to understand how games can impact STEM education and early learning programs, as well as training at all levels of corporate, health care (sic) and government/military instruction, then join us to hear the leaders in the field," stated Conference Director Clark Aldrich in a press release "This is a conference that will give you answers."

In addition to speaking sessions and panels, the conference will host the International Serious Play Awards, a program recognizing exemplary products for corporate, military, healthcare and education training. All titles entered will be eligible for Serious Play Certification. The certification, which will be valid for three years, is designed to offer customer assurance that a serious game offers a high standard of performance, having passed a rigorous examination by an advisory panel of experts.

You can find the complete 2012 Serious Play Conference program here (.DOC) and can register to attend here. Look for a summary of all the conference's panels and sessions, as well as the award winners in the coming weeks here at Game Forward.