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Video Game Technology Revolutionizes Radiology

An Image Rendered in FiatLux VisualizeA team of former video game developers have taken their knowledge and skills to create revolutionary medical imaging software. Redmond, WA company FiatLux Imaginghas released a visualization application set to improve access and speed in the radiology field.

FiatLux Visualize uses a mainstream video game technology, Microsoft’s DirectX graphics platform, which allows it to run on all PCs. It lets doctors analyze the 3D MRI or CT Scan images on standard PCs or PDAs. This major change in the field will improve the speed at which results can be analyzed, allowing doctors to work at any place and time, rather than being confined in radiology labs. Read More...

"We're saying, let's move this outside the (radiology) department," said Mary Frances Feider, CEO of FiatLux, to the Seattle PI.

Another benefit of FiatLux’s application is the drastic difference in price. Its visualization software license is sold at about $2,800 USD, when traditional software and the specialized workstation necessary to run it can cost hospitals as much as $100,000.

“The true story is the unprecedented graphics power and the easy-to-use interface allowing the provider to rapidly and intuitively reformat and view their own studies in any setting,” said Feider, in a news release.

Some specialists like Paul Chang, professor of radiology at the University of Chicago already encourage their peers to adopt this new software.

"When you're killing aliens, you're doing very sophisticated things," said Chang, referring to video game graphics. "That kind of turning and rotating ... is exactly what we do in advanced medical imaging. If anything, the task in medical imaging is less than the imaging my kids take for granted."

FiatLux aims to sell 1,200 licenses in the next six months, and 6,500 next year. The company, started in April 2007, is funded through $4.5 million from angel investors and Scientific Health Development, a Dallas-based investment fund. FiatLux is also developing PDA and cell phone medical viewers.