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FWD News: Peripherals Bring New Life to Platforms

uDraw for Wii from THQTHQ recently announced the upcoming release of the uDraw Game Tablet peripheral for the Nintendo Wii. The device will hit the shelves ahead of the holiday season in North America, bundled with uDraw Studio, a drawing, colouring and art-based video game.

The small white handheld tablet offers a 4 x 6 inch drawing space and detachable, pressure-sensitive stylus meant to offer subtle control and precision. The Wii Remote docks into uDraw Game Tablet which draws its power directly from the Wii Remote. The tablet also features tilt-and-roll movement options, allowing players to interact and control in-game characters by moving and directing them through game levels, as well as an SD card port which will allow players to save and transfer their artwork. Read More...

“We've designed the uDraw GameTablet to offer something for everyone: the kids can doodle, save their creations on an SD card and print their artwork for display on the refrigerator. Students can improve their skills through in-game tutorial lessons. And the whole family can sit down together for family game time with products like Pictionary,” said Martin Good, Executive Vice President of THQ Kids, Family, Casual Games and Global Online Services.

“We are impressed with THQ’s innovative design and focus on bringing a new gameplay experience to the Wii owner with their uDraw GameTablet,” said Steve Singer, Vice President of Licensing for Nintendo of America.

Along with the bundle, priced at $69.99 USD, the company is releasing two other games—Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure—sold separately for $29.99 USD. THQ is also planning another wave of titles for the peripheral over the course of 2011 and beyond. The drawing tablet is also scheduled for international release in early 2011. An advertising demo of the software and peripheral can be viewed on the uDraw website.

The XWave Brainwave ControllerIn other peripheral news, California-based PLX Devices Inc has released the XWave for the iOS platform. This device uses technology developed by Neurosky to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using brainwaves. While the peripheral does not yet have the ability to control device functions, an accompanying app works as a brain control training program, allowing users to become familiar with controlling virtual objects using their mind and to learn how to let their brain control their attention and meditation levels.

For example, the apps objectives include having to levitate a ball for a certain amount of time, changing a colour based on the relaxation of your brain and training the brain to maximize its attention span. A secondary app is also available from the iTunes Store called XWave Tunes. This app allows users to connect with each other through music that stimulates their brainwaves.

“The human brain is the most powerful, complex thing in the universe, and for the first time, we’re able to harness its amazing power and connect it to everyday technology,” said Paul Lowchareonkul, Founder and CEO of PLX Devices Inc. “With the development of 3rd party apps, the potential for innovation is limitless.”

PLX Devices is looking forward to the release of third party applications by offering a software development kit. The XWave and XWave app are currently available for purchase as a bundle online for $99.99 USD. A video demo can be viewed here.