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Nintendo Announces 3D Handheld

An Image of the Virtual BoyNintendo has announced a new handheld device, a 3D successor to the DS currently called the Nintendo 3DS. The portable gaming console is scheduled for release sometime before March 2011 and will not require users to wear any special eyewear.

Nintendo also revealed in a statement that the new "3DS" will be backwards compatible with DS and DSi games, however there was no specific mention of DSiWare compatibility. More details will be made public during at the 2010 E3 Expo, taking place from June 15-17.

Some will remember Nintendo’s previous and fruitless attempt at marketing 3D games. In 1995, they released the Virtual Boy—a table-top console which created a stereoscopic 3D effect through monochromatic screens mounted binocular-style. Read More...

The device proved to be unpopular and brought about complaints of eye strain and headaches. However, Nintendo is expected to have learnt from this categorical failure.

Eurogamer's Digital Foundry cites a recent partnership between Nintendo and NVIDIA and quotes Blitz Games chief technical officer, Andrew Oliver, who gave his thoughts of the announcement to : “I'm fairly sure it would be based on the parallax barrier method, which is better than lenticular screens and has seen some great advancements recently,” Oliver said.

“It can also be turned off to give a perfect 2D screen as well. This screen already exists in the Fuju 3D camera and I have a 3D laptop from Sharp with this technology and it works very well for one viewer within a reasonable viewing area for a handheld.”

While some are already speculating about what a 3D Nintendo handheld might look like, rumous suggest the company has struck a deal with Sharp for the inclusion of their parallax barrier LCD technology in the new 3DS.