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Zeemote Previews the Future of Mobile Gaming

Zeemote JS1 ControllerPresenting at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Zeemote Inc. previewed what it calls “the next significant step in Mobile-Console Gaming (MGC).” MGC will add new depth to the platform by taking advantage of new mobile headsets with TV-out and projection capabilities, introducing single and multiplayer content and through the use of Bluetooth gaming controllers such as the Zeemote JS1 Controller.

“The Zeemote JS1 Controller, equipped with a thumbstick and four assignable action buttons, plays an integral part of the MCG ecosystem by enabling a mobile user to unleash their game anytime, anywhere and on any size screen to experience home-console style gaming up to 10 meters away from the handset connected to the TV or when projecting from a micro-projector equipped handset,” explains a Zeemote news release. Read More...

With the growing technical power of mobile headsets, it is no surprise to find developers looking for ways to move the video game medium forward on the platform. In addition to creating a more immersive gaming experience, mobile controllers like Zeemote’s JS1 Controller allow a more connected and personal interaction with your mobile device, its applications and user generated content.

“It has always been our belief that the mobile handset will become ever more powerful and ubiquitous as a connected gaming device,” said Ernie Cormier, President and CEO, of Zeemote, in the previously mentioned news release.

Zeemote’s JS1 Controller was launched in late 2008 in such global markets as Germany, Mexico, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. The device is compatible with a number of mobile phone brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry.

Veteran mobile games developer Gameloft is one of many leading mobile developers incorporating the unique and innovative JS1 Controller's functionality into it's projects. There are currently more than 20 Zeemote Ready games available including editions from popular franchises like Burnout, Tomb Raider and Street Fighter.