Games in Healthcare

Future Surgeons Use Wii as Warm-Up

A Potential Surgeon of the FutureUS researchers are developing custom software too help surgical trainees practice operations using a Nintendo console's unique control system.

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center doctors Marshall Smith and Kanav Kohel believe that their software, being developed in Phoenix, Arizona could help surgeons improve skills from home.

They also feel that it could be used in developing countries that may not be able to afford sophisticated virtual training equipment. Eight surgical residents were asked to play Wii software for 60 minutes before using a training tool called ProMIS, a simulator that can track a surgeon's hand movements in 3D space. Read More...

Hudson Soft's Kororinpa: Marble Mania was cited as one of the better games to use for training because of the need to make small, precise movements to succeed. Other, more popular Wii titles were proven less helpful. Dr. Kohel stated " don't gain a lot from swinging an imaginary tennis racket."

The trainees that warmed up using Wii scored an average of 48% better on the ProMIS test than those that did not play beforehand.