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Advocacy Group Introduces New Exergaming Rating System

TEN LogoThe Exergame Network (TEN) recently unveiled the results of its first survey of fitness video games using its new Exergaming Experience Rating System. Developed through twelve months of collaborative study with a panel of world renowned exergaming experts, the rating system scores games on exercise, game play and interface, as well as seven other attributes.

“With so many different games available on the market, a rating system for exergames like the EERS by TEN, is a welcome tool for healthcare practitioners trying to help their patients make the most appropriate choices for their families,” said TEN contributor Dr. Ernie Medina of MedPlay Technologies LLCRead More...

Beginning with six popular games, TEN evaluated Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution, Eyetoy Kinetic, Wii Sports, EA Sports Active and Rock Band. Their findings showed Dance Dance Revolution as the leading game, scoring 63 percent and closely followed by Eyetoy Kinetic at 60 percent. Comparatively, Nintendo’s Wii Sports received the weakest rate of 47 percent.

“The EERS results compliment the research work being done in the Exergame Lab at SUNY Cortland,” said TEN contributor and exergame expert Stephen Yang. “While there is no substitute for scientific research in PE, the thorough rating system is extremely useful to consumers when looking at which product to purchase.”

Beyond looking at the game play, interface and exercise potential, the ratings system also reviews games’ customization options, accessibility features, biometric feedback capabilities, intervention capacity, socialization opportunities and overall safety. TEN, a not-for-profit Games for Health advocacy group, plans the review of another 40 exergames over the next 12 months.

A full breakdown of TEN’s first series of results is available on their website.