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Softkinetic 3D Technology Lands in Hong Kong Family Entertainment Centres

A Jumpin Gym USA CentreSoftkinetic, the maker of an innovative 3D motion recognition system has announced a new partnership with Hong Kong’s leading family entertainment centre chain, Jumpin Gym USA. The gesture recognition technology will be used in a variety of interactive games currently being developed by Jumpin Gym USA for use in the company’s more than 50 centres in Hong Kong.

“Jumpin Gym USA has always been at the forefront of innovation in the development of engaging interactive entertainment solutions,” said Nicky Chung, Chief Project Manager at Jumpin Gym Digital Entertainment Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jumpin Gym USA.“We selected Softkinetic’s 3D gesture recognition technology to offer our customers a set of new, intuitive and immersive gameplays [sic].” Read More...

Softkinetic prides itself on the fully immersive, transparent and intuitive user experiences created by its 3D real-time gesture recognition middleware. This technology is the same that powers the SilverFit unit, an exercise system used in a number of retirement homes and care centres in the Neatherlands.

“The arcade centers are very well suited for our gesture-based technology,” said Michel Tombroff, CEO of Softkinetic. Jumpin Gym USA is Hong Kong’s largest family entertainment chain and plans on expanding its concept overseas in the coming months.