Games in Healthcare

Dentists in Training to Benefit from Interactive Technology

Dental Implant Training SimulationDentistry students across the world will soon benefit from video game technology to practice and improve their skills. At the start of the 2008 Games for Health Conference in Baltimore, Serious Games developer BreakAway Ltd. announced it has partnered with the Medical College of Georgia to create an innovative dental implant training simulation.

The application will be powered by the developer’s exclusive Pulse!! technology. Inspired by first-person shooter video games, it will let dental students interact with patients in a three-dimensional virtual dental office. Read More...

“Digital gaming technology is expanding as an essential component in health care education, capitalizing on the cognitive learning process to generate a more comprehensive understanding of vital concepts,” said Project Director Dr. Roman M. Cibirka, Medical College of Georgia Vice President for Instruction and Associate Provost, in a statement.

Students will walk their avatars through decision-making processes and determine if patients are physically and mentally ready to go through a dental implant procedure. The simulation will also allow trainees to practice this intervention in a safe but emotionally realistic environment. Improving learning results in the field of diagnostics and enhancing patient therapy outcomes, the application is expected to become an indispensible tool worldwide.

“The Dental Implant Training Simulation is an important first-step in realizing our vision to empower medical schools and other health care providers with game-based tools and technology to create and customize virtual curriculum-based training environments that can be accessed on PC desktops around the world,” said Doug Whatley, BreakAway Ltd. CEO.

Founded in 1998 in Hunt Valley, Maryland, BreakAway Ltd. has partnered with a number of organizations including Electronic Arts, Microsoft, the Department of Defense and the National Institute for Justice.