Games in Healthcare

Video Games Featured at Obsessions and Addictions Conference

Potential Video Game AddictsVideo games will be discussed at the upcoming 2008 Obsessions and Addictions Conference, starting tomorrow at Kingston University, UK. The multidisciplinary symposium brings together experts from over 20 countries, to share on the nature of addiction in modern day society.

Daniel King, doctorate student at the University of Adelaide, Australia will notably present new evidence regarding the effects video gaming addictions. King paints a portrait of gaming in Australia, explaining that 75 per cent of their households own a video game console of some kind. He also quotes research demonstrating that 5-10 per cent of gamers play to excess. Read More...

The main effects of excessive video gaming relates to general health and well-being, emotional well-being and sleep hygiene. King focuses his research on how different video game genres get players hooked, how this relates to their time spent playing games and the reasons that maintain the desire to keep playing.

“Given the widespread popularity of the video game medium, it is important to understand the psychological mechanisms which may contribute to the onset and maintenance of video game play,” says King, on his University of Adelaide website.