Games in Healthcare

XRKade Systems Help Kids Get Active

Kids Using XRKade MachinesMany new companies are working towards solving the obesity epidemic ravaging North America, including iTech Fitness, creators the the XRKade System. With 50 locations across the United States, and aiming to open 26 new international locations in the next four years, XRKade is proving that times are changing when it comes to gaming and health.

At the basis of XRKade lies the principle that activity can be made fun through technology. With the system, users become a “human joystick” where they play various games through physical activity. The company states that it offers the most complete active gaming product suite and the first fully developed line of games. Read More...

Among the available games are: Music Maker, DDR Freak, Hip Hop Dance, Dance Crew, Skate/Snow and Surf Boarding, BMX biking, Wheeler Racing, Boxing, Martial Arts, Car Racing, Motocross and a Flight Simulator. These all run using the patented XRKade technology.

Beyond making this technology available, XRKade also gives training opportunities to those interested in implementing these activity systems in their areas. The training staff is made of members of XRKade’s Master Instructor team, which all count at least five years of experience in the fitness industry.

Last week saw the official launch of the XRKade facility at the Fishers YMCA (located outside of Indianapolis, IN) which includes 22 workout stations. Though the equipment has been used since this summer, the YMCA introduced it to the public officially last week as part of its kickoff to national America on the Move Week. The Fishers Y is the first in the state of Indiana and third in the US to get the equipment.

"We were looking for a way (that) we could get teens to be very active but not make it feel like it was a lot of work," said David Clark, Fishers YMCA member involvement director in a news report.

Alex McKinney, 11, Noblesville, IN, said he uses the equipment twice a week. His parents let him play on the fitness arcade equipment for as long as he wants. "It's pretty cool," he said.