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Tabula Digita Releases New Science Game Series

Lab Rat Race LogoFollowing the success of its math educational game, DimensionM, Tabula Digita has launched a new science game series titled The League of Scientists. The series is offered for free online and targets students from grades three to five.

The League of Scientists currently includes four multi-player games which will let students compete against each other while learning through a robust, standards-based and engaging science curriculum. The two-dimensional games were developed in partnership with the Monsanto Fund and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Read More...

The League of Scientists will help engage students on a new level of learning and will reinforce science as an exciting and interactive field,” said Deborah Patterson, president of the Monsanto Fund, in a news release. “Monsanto Fund is proud to partner with Tabula Digita and the International Society for Technology in Education to help students better understand science and hopefully broaden the appeal of science as an exciting career path.”

“We are catching students right at the point when in engagement in science fades,” said Ntiedo Etuk, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tabula Digita. “By providing a fun, out-of-school method for students to build and review their knowledge, we hope to keep science fun and engaging for students."

Teachers who viewed the series have already expressed their interest in using the games, which they feel come as a great alternative to worksheet and text book learning.

"We know that students are engaged by interactive games and that teachers are excited about the using them to supplement learning inside and outside the classroom," said Don Knezek, chief executive officer of ISTE.