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Tabula Digita’s DimensionM Receives Further Recognition

DimensionM ScreenshotTabula Digita announced in early May that its DimensionM educational game series had been successfully reviewed by the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) as meeting the criteria for social content compliance.

The CLRN is an information source for California educators looking for high-quality electronic learning resources for their classrooms. This positive review signifies that DimensionM is aligned with the California Content Standards.

“CLRN prides itself on recognizing emerging instructional tools that promise to be highly relevant and engaging to the learner,” said Kelley Day, program manager for the California Learning Resource Network, in a news release. “The DimensionM games mark the first time CLRN reviewed a content rich video game and it definitely set the bar high for educational games and simulations in K-12 education.” Read More...

“With the CLRN review California educators can feel confident that the DimensionM games are among their top choices for supplemental math and algebra instruction,” said Ntiedo Etuk, CEO and co-founder of Tabula Digita.

In April, Tabula Digita also announced that it has secured a new pilot program partnership with the Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Office of Educational Technology. The Department implemented a tryout of DimensionM statewide which will run until the end of May.

“This technology represents a cutting-edge resource for educators looking to enthuse, capture, and retain the attention of today’s digitally-motivated students,” said Tammy McGraw, Ed.D., director of educational technology for VDOE. “We are anxious to observe how schools integrate this immersive educational technology as a collaborative learning and teaching tool.”

DimensionM is an immersive video game series which helps students facilitate their math education. As part of the pilot program, Tabula Digita is working to develop competition using their game between the eight participating Virginia regions in late spring.