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DimensionM Software Selected for STEM Education Program

CASE LogoTabula Digita, makers of the DimensionM math and algebra games have been selected for a two-year license deal by the Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (CASE). At least 10 schools which are part of the CASE program will have access to the games to assist teachers in promoting those subjects to students.

The CASE program was created in June 2006, to find new methods in educating American students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Defense Education Program.

“Youngsters today are like no other generation before them, they are digital natives,” said Dr. Nancy J. Priselac, CASE’s director of training in a news release. “We can’t continue to teach in the same manner as we’re used to, if we want students to be enthused about learning. We need to incorporate the latest, most exciting technology.” Read More...

Priselac was introduced to the award-winning DimensionM series at Hawaii’s annual International Conference on Education. The games are based on standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

“We knew that Tabula Digita’s products would greatly support CASE’s mission,” said Stephen Priselac, CASE’s executive director, “So we invited them to do a pilot in order to give evidence of its efficacy.”

During the Tabula pilot, students who had previously participated in CASE’s own pilot program ran through the game process to provide baseline data. This assessment proved that the games generated not only excitement among youngsters, but also documented increases in their algebra scores.