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Guitar Hero Pedal Prototype Enables One-Handed Play

Guitar Hero Pedal ControllerPresenting at the Games for Health conference in May of 2008, console and peripheral mod specialist BenHeck introduced a prototype foot pedal allowing one-handed guitar playing. The innovative device controls strumming and use of the whammy bar, to improve access to players with varying abilities.

Ben was commissioned to create the device for presentation at the conference. He was supported in this project by RedOctane, who supplied him with Guitar Herocontrollers for testing and parts. 

Starting out with a wooden prototype to eventually move to a metal and plastic format, the pedal actually contains two pedal mechanisms, under the ball and the heel of the foot. He even branded it using the stickers included with the Guitar Hero guitars, giving it an official look. Read More...

“To perform a whammy you lift up your heel - the spring loaded plate is shown in the up (full whammy) position in the photo, but normally your heel compresses it (no whammy). The pedal plugs into a modified Guitar Hero III Les Paul wireless controller,” writes BenHeck on his website.

“One of the trickiest parts of this project was figuring out the correct range of rotation for the whammy potentiometer. This then has to fit the range of a spring, and yet be within the range of lifting ones heel,” he explains.

No word yet on if or when this device will become available on the market or if RedOctane is planning on massively producing the pedal.

I really want to try this thing out. I struggled to play the Guitar Hero type games at first, and still do at higher difficulties because my left hand can't strum fast enough to keep up with some songs. Using a bass drum pedal-like device could really help me crush faster note streams. I sincerely hope RedOctane is considering getting this peripheral out on the market.