Game Accessibility

Rock Vibe Project Seeks Support in New Fundraising Campaign

Rock Vibe LogoRock Vibe, an accessible music game designed for both blind and sighted players, is looking for donations in a second round of fundraising on the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. In addition to allowing its full development, the fundraising campaign aims to provide free copies of the game to organizations working with blind children.

Created by Rupinder Dhillon, Rock Vibe will allow visually impaired and sighted gamers to play together. "Currently, games developed for blind gamers don't create the environment for this," said Dhillon. "Oftentimes, they're too simplistic for sighted gamers." Read More...

The Rock Band-inspired game takes the genre one step further by using vibration to tell players when to press buttons on their instrument. This feedback can be transmitted through a wearable electronic device, computer keyboard or MIDI controller. The game also has a talking interface that can be turned on or off, giving blind gamers the ability to navigate the game without a screen reader.

The project started its first Kickstarter campaign November 21, 2011, which ended January 20, 2012. While the project managed to collect $15,000 over two months and notably garnered the support of Alex Rigopulos, CEO of Harmonix Music Systems, it failed to reach its fundraising goal of $32,000.

But Dhillon is giving it another go with a more modest goal, closer to the current fundraising level, and maintaining his planned release date. Those wishing to support the Rock Vibe project can visit the game's Kickstarter page or follow the project on Facebook to find out more.