Game Accessibility

7-128 Software Upgrades the Accessibility of its Library

7-128 Software LogoThe folks at 7-128 Software in Massachusetts have released free upgrades to 25 titles in their already visually impaired-accessible library. The team has improved audio control interfaces and added SAPI voice functionality to their line of products.

SAPI stands for Speech Application Program Interface and all versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 come with at least one SAPI voice. These voices, which are generally used to read on-screen text, are commonly utilized by visually impaired or blind users. Read More...

SAPI voices are of particular benefit to children, who may be too young to operate more robust screen reading software.

Current users of 7-128 Software titles can upgrade their games for free and one simple install will upgrade a user’s entire collection. The list of  affordably-priced 7-128 Software games that are accessible to visually impaired gamers includes adventure games, word games and educational games.

For more information on 7-128 Software, please visit their website or read this feature article.