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Handicap International and Ubisoft Launch Disability Awareness Game

Handigo The Game LogoAs part of its new AbilityTogether campaign, charity organization Handicap International has teamed up with Ubisoft to create Handigo The Game. The software, designed primarily for 10-14 year-olds aims to make people more aware of what persons with disabilities face in every day life as well as the realities of disability.

The free, browser-based Handigo The Game is made up of three mini-games, each putting the player in the role of a person with a different disability. Physical, sensory and learning disabilities are represented by various impairments during gameplay.

Upon completion of each level, players encounter an awareness-raising message to help them distinguish different types of disabilities and to learn about some of the obstacles that disabled persons face in daily life. Read More...

The game’s graphic design is inspired by the AbilityTogether campaign’s core art and features the mascot team called ‘Abiligos’.

An educational DVD-ROM is also available to teachers and features a printable booklet, interactive classroom quizzes, downloadable tools and more. Teachers can request a free DVD-ROM This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In addition to developing Handigo The Game, Ubisoft has announced that it will be including subtitles in all of its in-house developed games where technically possible. The first titles slated to include subtitles are Far Cry 2, Shaun White Snowboarding and Prince of Persia.

Ubisoft was widely criticized last year for omitting subtitles from the hit Assassin’s Creed, rendering the game unplayable for those with hearing impairments.