European Company to Recycle PlayStation Consoles

A Sony PlayStationUK based The Electronic Waste Company has closed a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to handle the recycling and disposal of Europe’s old PlayStation One consoles. The contract is expected to process about 250 tonnes or 300,000 console casings in its first year.

The recycled consoles will be provided by Sony through returns for upgrades or refurbishment. The Electonic Waste Company specifically pledges to reuse or recycle 100% of the equipment, stating that none of it will be sent to landfills. Some of the plastic yielded from the recycling process is already set to be used in the fabrication of pens and chairs. Read More...

“The quality of materials produced at this stage of the recycling process is fundamental in enabling PlayStations to be effectively recycled. We work with experts in a number of fields to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and believe the Electronic Waste Company is able to meet our high standards,” said Gregor Margetson, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Environmental Programs Manager, in a news release.

Approximately 300 million PlayStation One consoles have been sold across the world since the console’s launch in 1994. About 100 million of these were sold in Europe.