Old PS2 Consoles Become Eco-Friendly Chairs

The Reee ChairAs environmental consciousness goes, the video game industry has received harsh criticism from groups like Greenpeace. However, London-based Pli Design Ltd is hoping to make the best of a bad situation, by building recycled chairs made of defunct PlayStation 2 consoles.

The Reee Chair, officially launched on September 10, 2008 at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s head office in London, is made of 100% recycled PlayStation 2 console casings.

Each chair is made of 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs) of recycled Polycarbonate/ABS plastic commonly used in the casing of electronic equipment and is also designed to be recycled again and again. Most recycled plastics are usually made from a variety of recycled sources, but not here. Read More...

“We receive the supply direct, from the original manufacturer through a dedicated re-processor to our injection-moulder in London,” said Pli’s Director, Christopher Pett in an email interview with Game Forward, “so there is no other material mixed in with the original plastic.”

The chair is also completely sourced and manufactured in the UK. Recycled plastics require a fraction of the energy to produce, compared to new plastics made from raw oil materials.

"The simple idea behind the Reee chair is to produce a recycled furniture product in the UK that has style, function and durability but does not compromise its environmental credentials - so our customers don't have to compromise theirs," said Alex Whitney, Pli's design manager in a news release.

The Reee Chairs will be sold locally in the UK, through selected retailers and contract suppliers across the country. Retail price (UK) is £110.00 inc. VAT.