Voice Recognition Technology Revolutionizes Gaming

Tom Clancy's EndWarVoice activated games are relatively new in the media world, but featured in such popular titles as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Rock Band, Fonix Speech's VoiceIn is a radically effective voice command and recognition technology which adds new depth to gaming.

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Fonix Speech has been specializing in speech recognition and text-to-speech technology since 1994. Its VoiceIn system has been a key element of several popular video game titles in recent years working with leading developers Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Read More...

The Fonix Speech's VoiceIn technology has different levels of recognition. The game edition adds voice-enabled command and control functions to give players a more immersive experience. Games using the feature include Tom Clancy's titles Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and the upcoming EndWar, as well as EA titles Rock Band and NFL Head Coach.

"The video gaming industry is seeking new modes of game play and game command to stimulate consumers and capture increased market share," believes John Shepherd, Director of Asian Sales for Fonix Speech, in a press release.

Ubisoft is particularly impressed with the technology which is adding more depth to its already immersive Tom Clancy's games. Developed by Ubisoft's Shanghai team, EndWar is set in 2020 and has players fight for America, Russia or Europe in WWIII. Due out sometime between April and September 2008, EndWar will be a real-time strategy (RTS) game rather than a shooter.

"The results thus far have been tremendous," says Vincent Greco, Worldwide Technical Coordinator of Ubisoft. "The voice command / voice recognition interface in EndWar greatly enhances user experience by allowing the user to effectively issue verbal commands across all of the game's available platforms."

"Fonix VoiceIn provided us with a unique set of tools for game development across multiple platforms," added Greco. The platform portability of VoiceIn is not only important for company's bottom line but also for gamer enjoyment. Games which were once exclusive to certain platforms like the PC can now reach new markets thanks to more adaptable controls.

"Without a mouse and keyboard, console RTS players usually have to struggle with unit selection, command, and camera control," says video game blogger Erik Brudwig, on IGN . With all features are controllable by button or by voice, the console barrier no longer applies. "Aside from the times when we mumbled, the game had no trouble recognizing what we said," he added.