MediTouch Fine-Tunes Rehabilitation

Alan Waterman of MediTouch Patients struggling with their fine motor-skills can now turn to a new medical device developed by MediTouch to assist them in their treatment. The company created the HandTutor system, which uses impairment-oriented training and augmented feedback to accelerate successful rehabilitation and recovery.

The Israel-based company helps patients anywhere in the world with its remote, online system which takes therapy to the next level. The HandTutor, the first in a series of rehabilitation tools, is a system made up of an ergonomic neoprene glove with built-in movement sensors connected to a software package.  Capturing fine motions with the glove, the software uses image-based biofeedback to help patients visualize their improvements. Read More...

CogniFit Personal Coach: Personalized Brain Training that Works

CogniFit LogoBrain training games have gained popularity in the past few years, but few actually improve a user’s cognitive abilities and fewer still offer a personalized and structured program that adapts to a user as they progress.

CogniFit Personal Coach is different. The software identifies your strengths and weaknesses in 14 cognitive abilities like Visual Perception and Time Estimation, then builds an intensive 24-session program designed to improve areas you are weak in, while maintaining your skill in stronger ones.

Game Forward had the opportunity to evaluate the Personal Coach software and ask questions of its creator and founder of CogniFit, Dr. Shlomo Breznitz; a world-renowned psychologist and author. Read More…

NeuroActive Science Promotes Healthy Body and Mind

NeuroActive BrainBike LogoBrain fitness is one of the fastest growing industries in North America whose value reached $265 million in 2008, according to industry market research leader SharpBrains. Neuroscience research has demonstrated that like your muscles, your brain can grow stronger and more agile through proper training and regular activity. Canadian-based Brain Center International (BCI) is making waves in the field by helping thousands of customers improve their brain performance each year.

BCI is the maker of NeuroActive Program, a brain training software which targets 16 specific brain functions. Unlike entertainment titles which claim to help your brain, BCI prides itself on its science-based, clinically-validated software. Through twenty-two different exercises users train a range of skills including various memory and visual-spatial functions, processing speed, selective attention and behaviour modification. Read More...