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Game Forward LogoWhether you are a reader, a software developer/publisher, a potential advertiser or someone that wants written work published on our website, Game Forward would love to hear from you. We have several e-mail addresses that can be used to contact us, so in order to make sure your communication gets to the right spot, we ask that you read the following few paragraphs and choose the most appropriate e-mail address to use.

Game Forward is always looking for volunteer writers. We are looking for people interested in writing day-to-day news articles related to subjects like Serious Games, Game Accessibility, Virtual Worlds and Educational Games/Software. We may also be willing to publish one-off articles and opinion pieces related to the subjects we cover. If you are interested in writing reviews for us, we can provide you with software free-of-charge. Those interested in writing with Game Forward should contact us at apply[at]gamefwd[dot]org. Read More…

Readers of Game Forward are encouraged to contact us should they have any questions or concerns about our website or organisation. General comments, questions and concerns, including those of a legal nature should be sent to contact[at]gamefwd[dot]org.

Software publishers/developers
that are interested in having Game Forward feature or review their software should take the following into consideration before contacting us. We are more likely to feature/review software that has educational value, software that is accessible to people with physical or cognitive disabilities and software that promotes health and/or fitness. If you would like your software to be considered for a feature or review, please use the e-mail contact[at]gamefwd[dot]org. We are also interested in hearing from filmmakers, authors and artists that work within the fields we cover.

Potential advertisers should note that Game Forward will not respond to solicitations from individuals or companies promoting adult content, gambling or questionable gaming software and hardware. If you are interested in advertising with Game Forward or its subsidiaries or you are interested in making a donation to Game Forward, please contact us at finance[at]gamefwd[dot]org.

If you have a website related to Serious Games, Educational Games, Health & Fitness Games, Game Accessibility or Virtual Worlds that you feel should be included in our link repository contact us at links[at]gamefwd[dot]org.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you. Please allow a week or two for a response.

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