FWD Progress: Getting Ready for 2011

Game Forward LogoAs the snow piles up and our shopping malls get full, Game Forward is getting ready to put the cap on another year. 2010 saw our monthly reader base expand by almost 50% and we strive to continue our growth into 2011 and beyond. 

Game Forward will turn three years old in January and since we started the project, Nathalie and I have had the opportunity to meet many dedicated and passionate people, particularly in the areas of Serious Games and Game Accessibility, that have helped us grow and share our philosophy with the world. Read More...

To wrap up the year, we’ll be putting together a few list-style posts of our favourite games made available through the console download services: WiiWare, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. If we have the time, we’ll likely also look at the handheld platforms: DSiWare, PlayStation minis and games for iOS devices.

2010 had a lot of great downloadable games, but fell far short of the previous year. It’ll be next to impossible to pick five or ten games for each service, so we’ll just highlight the…well the highlights that we found along the way.

I’m also looking at putting together a sort of  “best of” post highlighting some of our favourite news stories and features of the year. We have little in the way of new content lined up to be published before January, so this should be doable.

Nathalie is working on a review of Dance Central, argueably the best game available for Kinect. I’m writing up the disappointing SingStar Dance this week and we’re going to get one more news round-up posted.

Looking ahead, the beginning of 2011 will see Game Forward undergo another, mostly cosmetic transition. Though I’ve been talking about it for months, January will finally see me give the site a slightly updated look, create deeper integration with social networks, upgrade our image gallery and get a real mobile version of the site up. I’ll also be doing some minor clerical things that 99% of you will never even notice.

Gaming-wise, there is very little I’m looking forward too in the next few months outside of the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS. Kinect and Move both got off to less-than stellar starts and the Wii is most definitely on its last legs when it comes to content, so I’m worried that 2011 will fall flat in terms of “forward thinking“ gaming, at least on the major consoles.

Nathalie and I would like to thank you for reading and wish you, your friends and family the safest and happiest of holiday seasons. We encourage you to share the work Game Forward with your friends and family through Facebook and Twitter as well.