FWD Progress: Creative Juices

WarioWare D.I.Y. ScreenshotI recently decided to implement a Quick Review system, which will about double the review output of Game Forward. These sub-300 word reviews will cover smaller games and retro titles, such as Game Room and Virtual Console releases.

Nathalie and I will also use the Quick Review systems for games that we put a few hours into, but don’t necessarily have the time (or in some cases the desire) to finish. In these cases, we’ll detail exactly how long we played and what we tested out. Read More...

I switched up the format a bit and pushed up the positive and negative traits in the first batch of Quick Reviews. I like the way it looks, so I’ll be reformatting all 77 of our reviews over the next few days. I’ve still got a sizable backlog of games I want to Quick Review and those will trickle out soon.

We’ll still write full, 500-2000 word reviews where appropriate, though I may favour the quick method for a while as I clear my backlog.

I inadvertently added a game to my queue as we were out doing our weekend errands. I saw WarioWare D.I.Y. was available at a reasonable price ($35 in Canada compared to the usual $40-45) while we were checking out the DSi XL units, so we snapped it up. I’m not big on creative games, but I’m a fan of the series and felt I could handle making 5-10 second games.

I have spent hours over the past few days messing around with the creation tools and though there are a ton of limitations, there are also a remarkable amount of possibilities. I’m working on a game called 10 Sec TD and another called Zombie Brain Attack.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of this, uhm, game and haven’t unlocked the full music creator or the comic maker. I also haven’t had a chance to download content or check out the WiiWare app WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase.

I’ll be writing both apps up in the coming weeks but can tell you this: there is a ton of content here for creative people, but those looking for a great mini game collection or a true WarioWare sequel will be disappointed. The 90+ included pre-made games are decent, but because of interoperability with the Wii, games are restricted to a tapping mechanic.

I overdid it writing seven Quick Reviews the other day so my Arthritis is flared up. I’m going to spend the rest of my week working on reformatting reviews, upgrading our social bookmarking tools, getting a mobile-optimized version of the site and maybe a gallery system installed to give things a more uniform look.

Nathalie has been keeping busy editing our long in the making link repository and she recently took in a live demo of a very cool rehabilitation technology called MediTouch that she will be writing up when she gets the chance.

We’d love to see more of our readers utilize our Facebook page or become fans of Game Forward. We frankly don’t have the time to manage a community or forum system right now, but would like to hear more from readers and allow some way to connect with each other until I can get an internal system in order. We have over 600 relevant followers on Twitter, but only a couple dozen fans.

I’ll be starting up some contests and giveaways through the Facebook page, mostly of games we’ve reviewed but don’t necessarily want to keep in our library. I almost hate doing this, but I have to remind readers that we run Game Forward out-of-pocket and we’d really appreciate it if regular readers clicked on one of our Google-served ads when they visit. Every little bit helps to offset our costs, thank you.