FWD Progress: Discombobulated

I Need to Play Through Toy SoldiersFor the first time ever, I am burned out on video games. I think that I’ve played more games in the first 3.5 months of 2010 than I did in triple that time last year. In fact, I’ve been putting so many hours into playing that my writing is falling by the wayside, so I’m putting down my controllers and handhelds for a week or two in an attempt to catch up on reviews and features.

I generally like to have reviews up within a month of a game’s release, but that’s simply not going to happen in a few cases here. Features aren’t nearly as time-sensitive as far as traffic maximization, but generally require way more work to produce. I have a bunch of website specific to tackle as well. I really need to step back and get my thoughts in order. Read More…

I shouldn’t be surprised really. Every year when we move our clocks back or ahead, it takes me a week or two to adjust and I get very scatterbrained during that time. Much like my grandma used to say; my eyes are bigger than my stomach, though in this case my ambitions are greater than the time afforded to me to work on Game Forward.

The first quarter of 2010 has seen an onslaught of quality games, both downloadable and retail, that I want to cover. My review backlog currently holds The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom and Toy Soldiers for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the latter of which I haven’t even started playing yet. On WiiWare, I played through Mega Man 10 and I’m currently working through both Max and the Magic Marker and Triple Shot Sports, which is a port of an iPhone game I reviewed last year.

I’m also working on another Xbox LIVE Indie Games feature, this time with five games that only cost $1 and Nathalie and I are compiling a Heath & Fitness iPhone app feature. I was thinking of doing a round-up of some PlayStation minis from Japan Studio, but frankly all four (Digi-Tiles, Earthshield, Legend of Kunoichi and Smashbreak) are pretty terrible and not worth the asking price of $2.99 each nor the few hours it would take me to write the feature. If they were offered as a $5-8 bundle I still couldn’t recommend it.

I have been spending an unusual amount of time playing retail games on my PS3 this year. Regular readers know I played through Heavy Rain and had a bit of a scare along the way. I still plan to review Heavy Rain, but I’m anticipating much nerd rage at my opinion and the especially at the score I plan on giving it. I put about 14 hours into Final Fantasy XIII before I became bored to death and decided it was time for a break and I can’t say that I’m impressed with the first few hours of God of War III. I’m going to write detailed impressions of both in the next couple days, but do not plan to review either.

Simply writing this post helped kick me into gear. Getting a project started is often the biggest hurdle for me because it’s tough to make forward progress when you feel buried.