FWD Progress: Back in the Saddle

Game Forward LogoAfter a full two weeks of being sidelined with a bout of pneumonia, I’m finally feeling well enough to get some work done around here. I’ve amassed quite a backlog that includes no less than three reviews and a large feature, at least one of which I’m hoping to publish this week.

During my downtime, I had the chance to play through Mass Effect 2. While I did enjoy it quite a bit, I couldn’t help but feel let down by the streamlining and compartmentalization BioWare (or EA) felt was necessary to market the game to a larger audience. The sense of scale and exploration were effectively stripped away as was a distinct feeling of isolation present in the first game. Read More…

I was thinking of reviewing the game, but decided that I’ll probably just whip up a post detailing my personal thoughts on it as a Mass Effect fan.

I also had the chance to finish Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment on Xbox LIVE Arcade, which is my next review. I’m not sure who OK’d the art, but the game is by far the best turn-based strategy title available on the Xbox 360.

We also picked up Chime on XBLA, which is a rather pleasant puzzler that combines elements of Qix, Tetris and Lumines. The game is only 400 Microsoft Points and 60% of the sale price is donated to charity. Good deal.

I’m hoping to make some real headway on my long-delayed feature about the CogniFit Personal Coach software that I’ve been using. I had the opportunity to have some of my questions answered by the company’s founder, Dr. Shlomo Breznitz and look forward to sharing my experience with readers of Game Forward.

In addition to a few iPhone and handheld reviews, I’ve added a review of Dante’s Inferno: Divine Edition for PS3 to my queue. It is very much a clone of the God of War games and brings little new to the table. On the plus side, the combat system is rather deep and customizable and proves to be quite fun. From what I can tell it’s only about six hours long so I should be able to burn through it today.

It feels good to be sitting at my desk again with a head full of ideas. Thanks for reading.