FWD Progress: Busy Beavers

Game Forward LogoI’ve been so distracted by playing, writing and editing lately that I haven’t had a chance to finish my site rebuild over the past couple of weeks. My arm is giving me a hard time this week, so I’m going to take a break from playing and typing to take care of a few minor things today.

I’ve learned quite a bit over the past little while about manipulating MySQL databases, so I’m feeling confident about being able to perform a complete rebuild of Game Forward without losing any data, not even hit counts or comments this time. The site will be offline intermittently again and may appear a bit messed up from time to time. Read More…

If you are having trouble finding content around the site, rest assured that it’s still there and can be found using our search tool. Once I’ve completed my rebuild, everything should be nice and easy to find.

I’ve been playing a ton of games lately it seems, trying to cram as much work in as possible before Mass Effect 2 comes out. On XBLA, I reviewed Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond and I’m now knee deep in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement. I never played the first two games in the series, but I can say without hyperbole that this iteration is the best turn-based strategy RPG on the 360.

On WiiWare, I’ve been playing Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth and Chronos Twins DX. I’m going to try and get a Castlevania review up today, but likely won’t review the other game. After a long drought, I finally grabbed some new DSiWare this week. Dark Void Zero is a great NES-style game that reminds me of CAPCOM’s early greatness, Starship Defense is a surprisingly tough take on tower defense from the people that brought you the PixelJunk series and Trajectile is their stylish hybrid of Breakout and Peggle gameplay.

On the iPod Touch, I’m reviewing a casual title called Manic Monkey Mayhem and Nathalie is prepping a review of a great puzzler called Nurikabe Vault for me, which just may get published today. Nathalie also finished a large project about NeuroActive that we’re both pretty proud of.

Over the next couple weeks, Game Forward will be attending and covering two industry events taking place here in Ottawa. On Jan 30, we’ll head over to Carleton University to take in Carleton Game Day. While I’m not particularly interested in their Game Jam, there are at least three lectures that I’m eager to cover.

One is entitled Can a Video Games Save a Life? -- Serious Games and Serious Education. We’ll also be covering The changing face of the game: How game design is at the leading edge of Human Computer Interaction and Who Needs Buttons Anyway? Transitioning to a Touchscreen. The day will also give us a chance to catch up with Anthony Whitehead, who leads the SNAP motion sensor project.

In early February, we’ll be taking a short trip to a local IGDA event to see a lecture about the state of the Canadian gaming industry from The Nordcity Group.