FWD Progress 12-21-09: Happy Holidays from Game Forward

Game Forward Holiday LogoThere’s finally a bunch of snow on the ground, the days are short and the temperature is averaging a balmy -15 C here in Ottawa. It must be time for the holidays. Game Forward would like to wish all of our readers and their families a safe and happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus or whatever else you may celebrate during this time of the year. We would also like to thank you for reading and for helping us continue to grow every month.

Production has slowed to a crawl in our home office as we near the end of our second year. I have two “small” reviews to publish this week and we’ll likely piece together a summary of some of our favourite stories, reviews and features of the year. Read More…

Nathalie and I will be travelling to my home town of North Bay, ON for a few days to visit my family while my mom is in town, home from her recent move to the Northwest Territories. I hate leaving our cat alone for that long because she is quite possibly the neediest cat ever. Luckily, we have some good friends that live in our building that can come by to hang out with her a bit while we're gone.

Neither one of us has been playing much of anything these days. I have a couple iPhone/iPod Touch games that I’ve been playing for review (teh internets - When Memes Attack and Nurikabe Vault) and I’ve been taking advantage of the Appvent Calendar promotion and a ton of holiday sales to build our collection on the super-cheap with older titles like Defender Chronicles and new ones like the fantastic Angry Birds.

I can’t wait to start my redesign of Game Forward, including the Friend Forward community expansion. It’s a tough job for one guy with little to no coding experience, but it’s also very fun, educational and rewarding. I’m also relaunching my personal site because I feel like trying to write about sports. What I’m looking ahead to even more is taking Game Forward on the road in 2010. We’re going to make it a high priority to attend and cover as many events as possible related to our areas of interest.