FWD Progress 12-14-09

Art from South Park Let's GO Tower Defense PLayI watched the Spike Video Game Awards for the first time last weekend and I was genuinely shocked at how un-terrible the show was. Aside from a few instances, I felt that many of the award winners were deserving and indeed the best in their nominated categories.

I validated the show’s existence in my head when they awarded South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! as the best use of a movie or TV license in a game, albeit in passing. Other great downloadable titles like Shatter, Flower, Trials HD and Shadow Complex also received mention. We won’t be doing an end-of-year awards list for “regular” games, but Nathalie and I are putting together a feature compiling the best games and stories that were of particular interest to Game Forward in 2009. Read More…

I was so excited while watching the VGAs on Saturday that I broke a personal “time off” rule and turned on my computer to send a tweet. Music legend Stevie Wonder was on hand to present the award for best music game. Though it went to The Beatles: Rock Band instead of my personal favourite DJ Hero, Mr. Wonder took the opportunity to address the issue of Game Accessibility publicly, calling out to developers to make these games enjoyable by everyone.

I also learned over the weekend that a very active and vocal member of the disabled gamer community. Corey Krull suffered from Muscular Dystrophy, but remained an active gamer and writer at both AbleGamers and his own personal blog. Please take a moment to stop by AbleGamers and read what his friends and family have to say as well as to read some of his work. We never had a chance to meet or work with Corey, but would like to edxtend our deep condolences to his friends and family.