FWD Progress 12-03-2009

Torchlight LogoNathalie and I are settling nicely into our new place. After a week off from work, I’m finding it tough to get back in the groove, but should get back on track by early next week. We’re both working on cognitive fitness features primarily right now, but also have a couple reviews in the hopper. I don’t expect a ton to get posted before our next week off at Christmas, but there will be some and I’ll likely get Nat to do a couple of news round-ups if she gets the chance.

After we return from visiting my family in North Bay, I will be turning my focus towards getting Game Forward redesigned and expanded. I should be able to pull it off without having any downtime this time around thanks to what I learned the last time I attempted this. Read More…

I can’t wait to get my new office set up. Right now, I really can’t work much because I’m using my old desk as a microwave stand and we haven’t had the chance to go furniture shopping just yet, which is my favourite part of moving. I’m actually sitting on the floor and using an old coffee table to house my laptop and stuff.  I’m behind and backed-up, but I’m not going to stress about it this time. Game Forward is still more of a hobby than a business at this point and hobbies should be fun, even if you take them very seriously.

[10:12 AM] The weather here in Ottawa is the worst kind for people with Arthritis right now. We’re getting the kind of rainy, damp days that just sink into your bones and make you want to eat mashed potatoes and oatmeal under a blanket. Unfortunately, the stiffness associated with my Arthritis tends to trigger my muscle spasms and today it’s rather heavy in both my leg and arm.

I decided that the next time I experience one of these super spasms that invariably leads to a small anxiety attack I will try to film it should I have the ability and presence of mind to; not necessarily to share with people, but to hopefully get a better grasp of what’s happening to my body so I can avoid or minimize the anxiety part.

[11:04 AM] On the gaming side of things, the new apartment has pretty much eaten up time we’d normally be playing, whether for work or fun. I’m adjusting my next FWD Download to just be the November WiiWare that we got and I’ll hopefully do a full review of Gyromancer separately. Nathalie is prepping a Digidrive review and will be playing Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes Encore on the iPod Touch. That title is actually the original iPod Click Wheel game we reviewed and it’s unreleased sequel that was dropped when Apple ended support for Click Wheel games in one package.

For fun I’ve been playing and enjoying Borderlands quite a bit. I ended up with the PS3 version after a Goozex trade and though it has it’s share of performance issues, I’m finding the game’s structure very fun and addictive. I’m not a big FPS fan at all, but used in this dungeon-crawling, loot-driven context I’m really getting into it.

Since I rediscovered my love of phat loot, I decided to finally check out Torchlight and I’m glad I did. I don’t buy many PC games at all because all we have in the house these days are laptops, but Torchlight runs perfectly on the main one and was well worth the $20 USD on Steam. I look forward to double-dipping later when it inevitably hits XBLA/PSN. Though it’s most like Diablo II, it also reminds me of one of my early PS2 favourites: Baulder’s Gate: Dark Alliance.