FWD Progress 11-23-2009

Exergame Fitness LogoThings have been moving quite a bit on my end, with two pretty big features in the works. The first will feature an interview with the CEO of Brain Center International, Dr. Stephane Bergeron and a hands-on review of their software, NeuroActive Complete Brain Training. I have been testing out the software for the past week and so far, it seems pretty cool. It offers a ton of exercises to help improve memory, multi-tasking skills and much more.

Secondly, after discussing my NeuroActive training on Twitter, I was put in contact with Mr. Tommy Seilheimer, Vice President of Exergame Fitness USA. His company has developed the BrainBike XG in collaboration with NeuroActive and Gamercize. I still need to research the subject a bit more, but look forward to sharing what I learn with all of you. Read More...

On the gaming side, Brian hooked me up with the latest ArtStyle game for the Nintendo DSi. Entitled Digidrive, this game is actually a remake of the bit Generations game by the same name, initially released for the Gameboy Advance in Japan. An interesting little game for the most part, though I have yet to fully form an opinion on it. Expect a review from me in the next week or so.

In more personal news, Brian and I are trying to plan our visit to the public health clinic in Ottawa to receive our H1N1 vaccines. It’s a bit of a mess to get that done, and looks like it will require us to take most of a day off of work in order to get in line early to obtain our wristbands, and return later for our actual shots. While the worry surrounding the H1N1 flu seems to have died down in the past week or two, we prefer erring on the side of caution.

We are also particularly excited for December to come, as we will be moving into a new apartment. Located within 15 feet of our present apartment, literally down the hall and in the same building, the move should be pretty easy. The main reason for the move is that we want more space, particularly Brian who is excited to have his own office. I look forward to getting him a sign for his door, proudly and boldly saying “Game Forward Corporation - Brian J. Papineau, President”!

In the same vein, we are looking ahead to January too, where we will start looking for funding for the site and also set things in motion to incorporate. We also have to think about getting our passports ready soon if we hope to attend any international conferences or industry events in the new year . All in all, a lot to look forward to for our little operation!