FWD Progress 11-11-2009: Friend Forward

The Forward ChevronI wish I could say that I felt much better than last week, but that’s simply not the case. My arms continue to hurt most of the day and it’s tough to make any real progress on anything, whether related to the site or not. I have at least three posts in addition to this that I should be able to get up by the end of the week; two iPhone/iPod Touch reviews and the aforementioned Wii-related post.

I am feeling a bit  better though thanks to some sunshine and slow, methodical exercise. The kink in my neck is loosening a bit and my spasms are regressing to a more manageable and familiar level and frequency. During my downtime I’ve had the chance to play some Excitebike: World Rally - which is awesome - and I had a great idea yesterday for an extension to Game Forward that should do pretty well and more importantly be something I can manage given little extra time to work on it. Read More…

It will fly under the banner of Friend Forward ( and should pretty much run itself thanks to a new website component that I got on the cheap.  Without giving too much away, it will be a place for gamers of like interest and skill level to connect and exchange friend codes, gamertags and such. I’ve seen a lot of console or handheld specific ones, but I’ve never really that encompass all of them (and PC) in one in addition to specific games.

Lots of gamers play games on a variety of consoles these days and what I’m hoping to accomplish here is a sort of unified friends list. Plenty of people don’t have real-life friends that play games online and its not really easy to meet them outside of random encounters. There’s also gamers that may need to find people in the same time zone to play a certain game with, gamers with disabilities, gamers that play with young family around and others that I’ll try and account for.

Though the project is unlikely to see the light of day until spring 2010 because of prior commitments, I’m very, very excited about it and find myself constantly jotting down notes.