FWD Progress 10-26-2009

DJ Hero ScreenshotI didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked to over the weekend because of a social engagement and amplified joint pain. I have no idea why it’s so bad lately, but it’s really slowing me down. Hopefully it dulls down a bit by tomorrow, because I want to play DJ Hero for several hours after securing our copy.

I have a good friend that is a pretty well-versed DJ and I’ve had the chance to play around with his equipment. While DJ Hero is nothing like club Djing that involves beat matching or “real” turntableism that allows for creativity, the game does look like fun. Pre-Made Mashup and Scratch Replication Hero would be a better way to describe the game, but that probably wouldn’t look as appealing on the box. Read More…

In addition to chipping away at reviews of Axel & Pixel (which I loved) and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (which was ok at first, but wore thin quickly), I will be playing a whole lot of Trine today. I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with it so far and will likely have very positive things to say in my review next week.

We’re still trying to gather some decent educational apps and games for iPhone/iPod Touch to highlight in an upcoming feature. The pickings seem very slim compared to the last time we did this, but I’m sure we’ll come across a few gems, we always do.