FWD Progress 10-23-2009

Vempire ScreenshotI am looking very much forward to a weekend that includes much football watching and food consumption. As the weather really cools off, I find myself with the urges to nest and hibernate. Yesterday, I gave into those tendencies and finished off Axel & Pixel while curled up on the couch sipping on a hot chocolate.

It was one of the most pleasant, relaxing games I have ever played and I thought the music was downright beautiful. It wasn’t the hardest point-and-click game I’ve played by any means, but it kept things fresh and was brimming with life. I just wrote the intro to my review and should be able to get it posted by mid week. Read More…

Today, I turn my attention to a pair of new PlayStation Network games, one of which I have been longing to play for a while now. Trine is a beautiful, side-scrolling, co-op action-adventure (sentence needs more hyphens) title and I am going to play through as much of it as I can today. Hopefully I get a chance to edit some impressions in this article, the “daily” blog posts with hands-on details have been generating a nice amount of traffic and ad clicks.

I also grabbed Vempire for our PSP Go this morning because I am a sucker (pun intended) for puzzle games and will probably play that a bit after lunch.

[11:17 AM] I just played through the intro/tutorial of Trine and I’m already in love with it. It’s the kind of game I want to share, so I’ll probably hold off playing more until Nathalie is around.  There’s something that looks odd about the lighting engine, but it’s an otherwise great looking game.

The three characters are unique enough, which should lead to some fun environmental puzzles. I’ve already missed a collectable or two, so hopefully there’s an option to replay levels or a new game plus later on. I’m enjoying the narration so far and the music is good, if not familiar sounding with fantasy movie feel. I have a feeling I’ll play through this one rather quickly and enjoy every minute of it.

Before I booted Trine, I messed around with .detuned a bit. Like Linger in Shadows, it was spawned from the PC demoscene and is pretty weird. Instead of being an interactive video or game, this, uhm, thing from .theprodukkt is an interactive music visualization, uhm, thing.

I was disappointed that I could not use music streamed from my PC, as I don’t actually store any media on my PS3 besides games. I can’t really make a judgement on it yet because I haven’t checked it out with my own music, but it seems pretty cool and I’ll definitely show my friends the next time they’re over.

I also installed a copy of Skeleton Key on my iPod Touch and checked it out a bit. It's a tricky little maze-based puzzle game that I'll be writing up over the next little while. I love getting contacted by iPhone/iPod Touch developers because I get to be made aware of so many cool games (and companies) that I would probably miss otherwise.